5 Reasons to Gift Maison de Sabré this Christmas.

Make the gifting season less complicated with Maison de Sabré. 

Here are 5 reasons why a MAISON de SABRÉ personalised phone case or luxury clutch makes the perfect gift for the festive season. 

  1. Give a gift that's as unique as them.
    Your special traits are what make you unique. Everyone is different and their gift should be too! Creating a bespoke piece with MAISON de SABRÉ means that every monogrammed gift is unique in its own way, from the characteristic artisan pebble grain leather to the over 2,000 possible monogram combinations, you’ll be certain no one else will give the same gift.

  2. It's practical, yet irresistibly chic. 
    Stylish yet practical gifts are hard to come by during Christmas. Buy a gift for Christmas that creates a magical experience for the seasons ahead. With a timeless MAISON de SABRÉ luxury clutch or personalised phone case, you’ll be sure to remind them who their favourite person is every time they check their iPhone or Samsung phone or carry their leather clutch.

  3. Our packaging is gifting ready.
    Each MAISON de SABRÉ personalised gift comes in our signature textured blue box, wrapped in a beautiful while silk ribbon that looks perfect under a Christmas tree. We make sure every detail is perfected for the festive occasion.

  4. It's incredibly thoughtful!
    Bring a smile to everyone’s face with their own personalised MAISON de SABRÉ gift. Personalising a gift allows the personal connection to shine through and show how much you truly care about the other person. From choosing the perfect colour to the perfect monogram, they’ve love you for their personalised piece.

  5. We won’t disappoint.
    Whether you’re buying for Mum, Aunty Sue or your partner, a timeless MAISON de SABRÉ piece won’t disappoint. Sourced from the finest bovine pebble grain leather and with innovative designs, a premium gift from MAISON de SABRÉ is an immediate winner.

    Learn why MAISON de SABRÉ is the premium gift of choice this holiday season.