How it all began

As the Big Bang was responsible for the origins of the Universe, the world of Maison de Sabré originated with one big idea. Those responsible however, were the Sabré brothers, who commenced their pursuit for refined leather goods in 2016.

The two brothers realised that there was a need to create a luxurious, personalised phone case that would be loved by people around world. The vision was to create a phone case that was exquisitely detailed, indulgent and could seamlessly add that touch of luxury to any occasion. 

Inspirations were drawn from style icons such as Bvlgari, Bottega Veneta and Comme des Garçons who utilised leathers in various textures to produce refined products. Determined to be held in the same regard, sourcing the highest quality materials became the first priority, regardless of location. Various suppliers were met with and exhaustive product testing of prototypes was undertaken until the perfect product was finally formulated. This extreme attention to detail was carried forward as production of the signature cases commenced.

The outer of each phone case is handcrafted using only the finest pebble-grain leather, encircled by edges that are individually hand painted and then hand pressed with the signature gold-foil monogram that is exclusively sourced. Finally, helping to accentuate the opulent feel and looks, is the soft velvet that lines in the inside of each case.

Attention to detail doesn’t just stop at the manufacturing process either. Each case is gift wrapped in textured navy blue boxes, lined with tissue paper and delivered to doors worldwide for all to enjoy their own personalised MAISON de SABRÉ experience.

With high-end materials that are nothing short of perfection and six elegant shades of colour, the Sabré brothers knew they had created something truly special that would forever change the way people accessorise.