The Top Five Summer #Eurotrip Travel Essentials NO-ONE Tells You About.

So, you’re about to begin your highly anticipated, religiously dreamt about #eurotrip

You’ve been saving for months, if not years, read every blog post and searched every #mustdo on Instagram. By now you’re all packed and ready to jet off but BEFORE you do, check out our must pack essentials list below: 


  1. Comfortable Enclosed Shoes

Alright, this ones a biggie… Please pack comfortable enclosed shoes with GOOD grip on the bottom. I’m emphasizing grip here because Europe is paved primarily with beautiful (but slippery) cobblestones, which, again from experience, do not feel pleasant upside your butt-side! I remember taking a romantic stroll along the cliff face of Santorini’s iconic caldera with my instagram worthy gelato in hand, when all of a sudden my #fashun-able shoes gave way…Let’s just say the instagram-able moment passed and I looked more like the donkey doo-doo I slipped on once my double choc gelato not so gracefully came crash landing on my dress! 


  1. Secure Zipped Wallet 

This sounds like a simple one, but in Europe you tend to catch public transport and walk everywhere! I’m talking up to 15km per day, so along with your comfortable shoes, make sure your valuables are secure! We suggest our new zipped wallet for two reasons. 1. Zips = security  2. It’s got an ultra convenient tap friendly slot at the rear so you can easily juggle your room pass and luggage with ease! 


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  1. Sunscreen

This sounds like another obvious one, but it's important to reiterate that in Europe you use sooo much sunscreen! Remember, during summer, the sun doesn’t set until after 8pm so you’ll be slip slop slapping all the way through dinner, sunshine! 


  1. International Travel Adapter

Fun fact: over 5 billion people in the world have phones. Not so fun fact: finding adapters for your phone chargers in foreign countries isn’t easy. Avoid inflated adapter costs and social media FOMO by investing in an international travel adapter before you jetset. That way you can take all the #eurotrip pics your heart desires and you don’t have to worry about your last 5% being wasted on your mum calling to make sure you know the dogs miss you at home… 

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  1. Patience

Your #eurotrip will likely be everything you can imagine and more. You’ll feel enriched, learn sooo much about yourself and have that many good times you’ll be posting #takemeback photos on your socials for the next 12 months. BUT sometimes, traveling (either alone, or in a group) can be extremely trying. Think, delays in transit, disagreements with friends, long sleep deprived days and hours between your next warm shower, this is all extremely normal and with a little patience and faith that it’ll all be worth it, you sir/madam, are officially ready to jetset.   

Image credit @nigarn for the Positano post .  


Elizah Caruana | July 1,  2019.
Elizah is a Senior Publicist for MAISON de SABRÉ who loves all things travel and all things Instagram.